Sep 2015 08




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Feb 2015 18

Broken Dance has started their Wedding bookings for 2015! Act now to make sure you get your date! Please email for bookings or to set up a phone meeting to talk about your special day before it is too late.




Feb 2015 18

Every year Broken Dance acts as the host company for a dance competition called Bollywood Dance Canada. This show brings in teams from all over North America to compete for one winner, and gives youth talent an opportunity to show their talents. Congratulations to everyone involved this year and to our supporters for helping us have a successful event.



Aug 2014 30

Broken Dance Bollywood Classes

Jul 2014 22

Come September you will see are dancers on the big screen as they danced in the films big dance scene! The film was choreographed by owner and creative director of Broken Dance- Chase Constantino.


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